Silicone Spatula Spoon

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Product Overview

The Zeal Bright Silicone collection of kitchen utensils and essentials feature a durable and heat resistant silicone construction to make your food preparation tasks that much easier.

Each piece is made from durable silicone for its flexibility and versatility in the kitchen, and its suitability for use on non-stick cookware. From preparing batter, flipping pancakes, smoothening icing, stirring soups, and more, these utensils are a must have for every kitchen!

Individually sold

Made from silicone

Measures 26cm x 6cm x 2cm

Flexible head makes it suitable for baking, icing decoration, and more

Safe for use on non-stick cookware

Dishwasher safe

Available in Blue, Coral, Charcoal, or Green

Please Note: Colour will be selected at random.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review