Pan Grate Chrome Plated

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$4.50 - $9.00

Product Overview

KH Pan Grates / Cake Cooling Tray is a popular item with chefs and cooks.

KH Pan Grates / Cake Cooling Tray is used in Australian hotels, buffets, receptions and similar food serving areas.

This quality made pan grate helps meet Australian food safety and serving regulations.

Firstly, it can be hard to remove stubborn, baked-on food particles, so save yourself time and effort in the cleaning process by cooking smarter.

With our KH footed cooling racks! The racks can be used to elevate food off of a sheet pan meaning less clean up, or you can use it to cool baked goods on a countertop.

An effective pan grate to keep your food from sticking to the bottom of a steam pan.

This rack can be used as an easy way to hold a variety of cooked foods off of the pan surface. This ensures that you’ll have less baked-on food material and an easier time cleaning the pan.

Secondly, the rounded leg design to allow clearance between pan.

Above all, the strong durable polished finish is perfect for your buffet line or next event.

Lastly, cleaning the pan grate is a breeze simply hand wipe or dishwash under normal conditions.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review