Mesh Produce Bags 8 Pack with Pouch

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Product Overview

Eliminate single-use plastic produce bags with these Appetito Reusable Mesh Produce Bags & Carry Pouch. These reusable bags are the perfect way to cut down on your plastic use!

For a better way to transport fresh fruit and vegetables that are also great for the environment, look no further than these lightweight and fully reusable mesh produce bags. The 8 mesh bags each feature a coloured tab so you can easily identify the contents of each bag. Made from polyester, they also feature a drawstring top which prevents the contents spilling.

With a handy carry pouch, you can rest assured that your reusable bags won't get lost or misplaced. The best thing about these bags? They're machine washable so you can keep using the same set over and over again!

Colour Preference is not guaranteed.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review