High Heat Spoon Silicone

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Product Overview

Used in Australian establishments including kitchens, bakeries and similar food preparation areas to help cooks get the job done.

Firstly, the classic shape and simple style is a favorite among cooks, bakers, caterers, chefs and pastries chefs.

The commercial grade KH high heat silicone spatula features a stain and flavour resistant blade head.

The non-scratchable spatula head perfect for use with griddles or non-stick cookware. The KH high heat silcone spatula for frying, spreading or mixing and is heat resistant to 316°C / 600°F.

This food safe KH high heat spatula spoon meets the rigorous use within the commercial industry.

The strong cool-touch durable red handle designed keeping employee safety in mind allowing the user to perform a range of tasks while remaining out of harm’s way. The red, break-resistant spatula handle stays cool and is comfortable to use. When not in use, the spatula handle features a hanging hole on handle for easy hanging mounting storage.

The KH high heat silicone spatula spoon makes the perfect kitchen accessory for any commercial kitchen or home. Whether you are mixing brownie batter, icing, cake mix, fondant, sauces, marinades, bread batter, eggs or stir-frying vegetables.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review