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Product Overview

Euroscrubby Scourer packs a punch with a gentle touch. Use your Euroscrubby on everything from enamel to stainless steel, comes in an assortment of colours. Note: Euroscrubby will be selected at random upon ordering (images are indicative)

The Euroscrubby is made of 100% cotton, with a patent coating that is safe for the environment. No harmful chemicals are used in the making of the scrubby, and because of its scrubbing ability, no chemicals are required during its use.


Use on so many surfaces!

Bathroom; porcelain basins and baths, marble and stone bench tops, glass shower doors - excellent on soap scum!

Kitchen; vegetables, glass and ceramic cooktops, inside your oven, vitreous enamel, stainless steel, wrought iron and cast iron cookware. Get burnt on crud OFF!

Outdoor; BBQ grills and hoods, wooden and plastic garden furniture, boat and pool surfaces


Environmentally friendly

Biodegradeable in home compost.

Doesn't shed microplastics unlike conventional, synthetic scourers.

Outlasts synthetic scrubbers by up to 10 times (reducing landfill).


Fully washable and dishwasher safe

Regular Euroscrubby: 15x13x0.3cm

Regular Euroscrubby with Sponge: 15x13x0.3cm, Sponge 15x12x0.5cm

Extra Large Euroscrubby: 23.5x23.5x0.4cm


Made in Canada/Poland


(No reviews yet) Write a Review